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Safety and Sanitary Inspection of Storage Tanks (Conducted 9/21/21)
      18,500 gallon tank
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Water tank 4

Deep sea diving in Hillsboro or just routine maintenance?
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Water Storage Tank Cleaning - September 21, 2021

(Nov. 21 Update: The official tank inspection reports have arrived and may be viewed here:  18,500 gallon tank.  35,ooo gallon tank.)

Every few years it is necessary to remove the sediment which accumulates in our water storage tanks.  A grain of sand here and one there find their way to the bottom of our tanks on the hill.  This accumulation is typical of all water systems, and there are established protocols for dealing with it.  At the same time that any sediment is removed, a safety and maintenance inspection of the tank can be done - inside out.

On September 21, the commercial dive team from Marine Diving Solutions was at the storage tanks on the hill to perform the tank cleaning and safety/maintenance inspection of the tanks.  The HMDWCA has worked with this company in the past and has always been pleased with how they approach the job and how well they do it.

Water Tank 13

Work begins with an inspection of the outside of the tanks.

Water Tank 12

A bit of contemplation shows that this is serious stuff.

Water tank 5

The diver wears a wet suit underneath a dry suit, and,
like everything else, is disinfected before he enters the tank.

Water tank 2

While the dive is underway, the control unit maintains
constant audio contact.  The computer screen at
the middle of this photo is a video feed from the diver.

HMDWCA wishes to thank Marine Diving Solutions and our System Operator, Trevor Roberts, and operators in training, J. R. Garza and Jim Laupan, for another job well done.

There are three sets of photos from this work effort.  Set 1 - Set 2 - Set 3

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